“Together!” opens at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig

Housing is a scarce resource – that is something that has become increasingly clear in the last few years. As real estate prices in big cities continue to skyrocket, conventional ideas of housing development are proving increasingly unable to meet existing demands. In reaction to these challenges, a quiet revolution in contemporary architecture has been slowly brewing: the act of building and inhabiting homes collectively. <i>Together! The New Architecture of the Collective</i> treats this theme as a global phenomenon and present it in a spatial, experiential manner.

You will find an overview of the historic development of collective housing, large sectional models of 25 contemporary collective housing projects from different contexts such as Europe, Asia and the US, you can experience a new typology of a shared flat, a so called cluster apartment in a 1:1 installation, and you will find detailed information on how these collective housing projects were set up by its users, architects and cooperatives.

More info at Grassi Museum

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photo: Hannes Henz