Three new releases

Mirroring Effects. Tales of Territory is a comprehensive compendium exploring the relationship between urbanization processes and capitalism. Authors Marc Angélil and Cary Siress present 10 case studies of the ongoing restructuration of built and lived spaces in diverse regions of the Global North and Global South such as Addis Ababa, Mumbai, Cairo, São Paulo, Berlin, Paris, and Shanghai. The stories told, if casually overheard, could just as easily be misconstrued as the stuff of incredible fables. But real they are.

If you ever played with the idea to move out of the city to the countryside you should have a look into Ländliche Verheissung. Lebens- und Arbeitsprojekte rund um Berlin. In recent years more city dwellers have directed their view towards the countryside as the promise of a good life away from the city is becoming more attractive in times of economic and social crises. But what do these rural areas really look like after we’ve finished with either our romantic glorification or premature requiem? Ländliche Verheissung follow these questions and present ten projects and their founders who have found creative concepts for a life in the countryside in their own way. The book combines social theory with an everyday view of the portrayed projects and people, their commitment, their backgrounds and their forms of organization.

Addis Ababa. A Manifesto on African Progress examines the Ethiopian capital as a case study in advocating a new architecture of belonging in times of rapid urbanization. Following a short history of the city’s development, the authors offer 12 manifesto points stressing the importance of local culture and community building in creating the contemporary African metropolis. A final section includes proposals for new housing projects in Addis Ababa aimed at forging a more-sustainable architecture and urbanism.

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