Fresh from the printer:The Real Deal. Post-Fossil Construction for Game Changers

Our latest publication “THE REAL DEAL – Post-Fossil Construction for Game Changers”, edited by Fabian Hörmann, is available now. The book marks the start of a multimedia project that aims to encourage decision-makers from the real estate, construction industry and politics to make their contribution to the urgently needed change in the construction industry. The sector must abandon “business as usual,” and everyone —architects, builders, investors, and users—has to play their part.

Using a global perspective, THE REAL DEAL presents economic, social, and ecological changes needed for the industry and society to reverse course. Architects, specialists, and clients, share their experiences in interviews. Numerous innovative best practice examples provide inspiration. In short texts, experts dispel the most common prejudices about sustainable building.

“The transition in construction is knocking loudly on every door. It gives everyone in the industry the opportunity to become a pioneer,” says Fabian, adding: “With examples that have been implemented, we want to inspire and show that the inevitable and radical transformation of the industry is feasible and makes economic sense.”

In the following months, content will be available on additional channels: an audio book, video contributions, events and courses are already in preparation.

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