2nd edition out now: “How to Not Demolish a Building”

Against all odds, the former World Trade Center in the Northern Quarter in Brussels will be reused, in ways previously unimaginable. This publication tells the story of the unlikely journey to obtain the building permit, tracing the events that led to this new lease of life. Starting from the initial dream of dismantling the World Trade Center, it recounts the complex and layered process that shaped the innovative adaptive-reuse project called ZIN.

Even if the circular, spatial, and material setup is unique to the project, the concepts and the processes behind it are not. By breaking down the complexity of its components, we can understand what has happened, and—more importantly—what could happen to other buildings as well. That is the reason this publication bares witness: to learn how to not demolish a building.

You can get more information and a look inside the book here.