The Challenge of Suburbia

Architectural Design Vol 74 No 4, July/August 2004, guest-edited by Ilka & Andreas Ruby
Wiley-Academy, Chichester, 2004 | 128p, 220×290 mm, ISBN 047086687X

In this issue of AD, guest-editors Ilka & Andreas are scanning the latent potential of Suburbia for radical architectural and urbanist proposals. Featuring case-studies and project prototypes from ten different countries, the issue manifests the universal status of suburbia as a global condition while giving emphasis to local specificities.

Perimeter Wondering by Ines Schaber and Jörg Stollman
Orange County China. Or the Genious Loci of Suburbia in the Age of Global Capitalism by Barbara Münch
Strategic Sprawl: Suburbanization as Warfare in the Occupied West Bank by Ilka & Andreas Ruby
The Barriadas of Lima: Utopian City of Self-Organisation by Kathrin Golda-Pongratz
Sonic Polder – the Surround Sound System by Schirin Taraz-Breinholt
Sub-‘burb by Wes Jones Greenurbia, Or the Return of the Wolves by J Pablo Molestina
New From Suburbia: Agro City by Nance Couling & Klaus Overmeyer
Athletic Atmosphere by Ilka & Andreas Ruby
Landed Square by Ilka & Andreas Ruby
Beware, Objects in Suburbia May Be Closer Than They Appear! by Ilka & Andreas Ruby
Sub-Park by Daniel Niggli, Mathias Müller & Lukas Schweingruber
Congesting the Edge Between City and Landscape by Andrea Boschetti & Alberto Francini
Sub-City: the Transformation of a Non-Place by Bostjan Vuga

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