DAIDALOS, No. 71-75 | Gordon+Breach Publishing Group, London, 1999-2000 | circa 96p, 213×280 mm, ISSN 1561-0152

In 1999 the Gordon + Breach Publishing Group took over the renowned architectural magazine DAIDALOS and wanted to rejuvenate its agenda and looks. Together with then editor-in-chief Gerrit Confurius, editor Andreas Ruby conceived the programmatic relaunch of the magazine. So far a historically and academically oriented periodical of almost bibliophile reputation, DAIDALOS proceeded to cover the contemporary condition of architecture and its emerging paradigms. In hardly more than a year, the magazine managed to occupy a niche in the market and attracted rising subscriptions. Its publisher decided nevertheless to halt the publication which has not found its match since its disappearance.

DAIDALOS, under the subtitle Architecture – Art – Culture, was published in an English as well as a German version. Each issue had a distinctive title describing the subject it approached:
No. 75, May 2000: The Everyday
No. 74, January 2000: Diagrammania
No. 73, October 1999: Architecture Goes Landscape
No. 72, July 1999: Urban Strategies
No. 71, April 1999: Design Strategies