Award for “Migrant Marseille”

Migrant Marseille. Architectures of Social Segregation and Urban Inclusivity by Marc Angélil, Charlotte Malterre-Bartes, and Something Fantastic was selected as one of the most beautiful books in Germany.

In the competition launched each year by the Stiftung Buchkunst (Foundation for Book Art) there were 632 titles, out of which a jury of experts awarded 25 books. Migrant Marseille was one of the five books chosen in the category „academic books“. Other categories were “literature,” “art books,” „guidebooks,“ and “children’s books.” 

Due to the pandemic the award ceremony took place online on the instagram channel of Berlin bookstore Ocelot (@ocelotberlin) last night at 8 pm. Maria-Christina Piwowarski and Ludwig Lohmann from the Ocelot team presented the winners and jury member Andrea Schmidt gave insights into the competition.

In the jury statement it says: „The rational and pragmatic approach of this handbook is translated just as rationally and pragmatically into its form. Thin paper facilitates handling because it is bound with dispersion adhesive. The book opens as if by itself. In crystal-clearly drawn isometrics, one gets an overview of the scale of large housing estates (…) The mixture of fonts also shows no hesitation whatsoever. Headlines are – one would hardly believe it – in Arial capital letters. To use this secretarial typeface for printed books requires decisiveness as much as empathy for the cause. This assumption is confirmed by the choice of type for the basic text. It is Life, a lively derivative of a proven evergreen: Times. By the way – the book smells of the pressroom.“

You can read the full jury explanation here

Congratulations to the editors of Migrant Marseille Marc Angélil, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes and Julian Schubert, Elena Schütz, and Leonard Streich from Something Fantastic, who were also the designers of Migrant Marseille together with Fernanda Tellez Velasco. And congratulations also to all the other winners, we are really honored to be part of such an exquisite selection. 

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